Taxi in Volos Minivan Service “the best possible transport service”,

Take a seat, relax and enjoy the trip. You just boarded in a company that offers knowledge and competence, quality, privacy, and the discretion you need. Taxi in Volos Minivan Service offers you all you need. Dedicate your time only to what’s important to you. We take care of the rest.

We operate from the principal airports and ports of Greece to realize your transfer to and from Volos.  Let us know when and where you need your transfer.

We have proficient English-speaking drivers. The car is a Mercedes Vito Tourer in excellent condition.

Service Details:
We adapt the service to your needs.
We take care of all details, discretion, and privacy of our clients.

Guided Tours
We are happy to offer you our personalized guided tours and guaranty you to be absolutely satisfied. With our guided tours you will know the outstanding and important sights of our region. We pretend that you get to know our sights and local customs.

When you already know our guided tours or you have your own ideas – tell us about it and we are happy to help you organize and realize them.
some of or most popular tours are the following: Μετέωρα tour , Delphi Tour , γύρος Πηλίου 
Check >> Here << all availabe tours.


We are specialists in transfers from and to Volos. We have a team of professionals at our disposal who coordinate all transfers you need.

Some of our most popular transfers are the following :
από Βόλο για Αθήνα
Athens Airport to Volos
από Θεσσαλονίκη για Βόλο

>> Here << you can find all available transfers.



We are aware that on a business trip you are short of time and time is very valuable. Therefore we would like to help you to make effective planning, with guaranties and nothing unexpected.

We wait for you with our team of experts, professional drivers, and a wide range of fleet. We offer you a concrete and effective solution for your need for mobility. You only take care of what is really important for you.

This is our commitment and seal of quality which you will recognize wherever you solicit our services. We are happy to help you.

Service Details for companies:
We adapt the service to your needs.
We take care of all details, discretion and privacy, and image of your company.

Private carriage

Comfort and security
Spacious vehicle where comfort joins security.

Do you require a driver with good knowledge of the city? We take you to your destination and wait for you while you do your duties.

We take you to the airport or pick you up there. Indicate the pick-up-time and we wait for you with a vehicle with the spacious boot.

We offer you our services at favorable prices. Therefore we use vehicles of our brand TAXI STAR CLASS.

We give you all our experience and knowledge as well as reliability and security, the highest guaranty and at the best prices.