Will I find my driver easily ? Is he going to be there ?
Definitely yes The driver is always waiting for you in the pre-arranged meeting point (in many occasions with a sign) The driver will also have your phone/ WhatsApp and necessary contact info, and you’ll have ours.
Are there any hidden/secret charges?
No! You pay exactly the amount of money you agreed with us. The price that you have on your email, text message, WhatsApp etc is final
Is the estimated duration of my transfer correct? Will I be on time?
The estimated duration of your transfer comes out of Google maps and our professional experience on days with average traffic and usual conditions.
What is your cancellation policy?
We don’t charge you for cancelling your transfer. Is all we expect you could do it as soon as possible. We prefer to build a business relationship based on mutual trust. If you’re feeling like you want to compensate the driver this is up to you.
Are tips price included? Do I have to give a tip ?
No, tips are not price included. Tipping is optional in Greece. You can give as much as you want, if you want to. Of course any tip is like a reward and therefore welcomed!
How can we communicate? Do you speak English ?
Yes, we do. Both my brother and I hold Proficiency certificates for speaking English.As a matter of fact we are the only really fluent English speaking drivers in Volos.
Will anyone else be travelling in the vehicle that I have booked?
No, we only offer private transfer services, the price you pay reserves the vehicle exclusively for you.
Are your tour drivers also licensed tour guides?
Our licensed drivers are capable of providing you with valuable information during your tour or transfer. However, they are not licensed tour guides. If you are interested in hiring a licensed tour guide who will accompany you into the archaeological sites please let us know and we will book one for you.
Where can I recommend you?
Here is where you can write about us on TripAdvisor : https://www.tripadvisor.com.gr/Attraction_Review-g189507-d7149590-Reviews- Taxi_In_Volos_Private_Day_Trips-Volos_Magnesia_Region_Thessaly.html
Here you can find us on Google: https://bit.ly/3HcS08H
Here is our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/TaxiInVolosPrivateVIPtransfers Of course you can write about us in any forum that you know, blogs etc.