Athens is both a very common destination and an ending point when you visit Volos. You can use our services and get a taxi from Volos to Athens or get a taxi from Athens to Volos to get to the port, to the bus station, hotel or apartment.
If you have time we can organize some extra stopovers on our road to/from Athens. We can go swimming, visit Meteora, Delphi, see the Acropolis, etc. So a day that would be “empty” can now become a full, satisfying day trip. At the same time, it is a more budget-friendly option even though you get nothing less than a full day trip to the site that we will visit.

Volos taxi transfers to/from Athens  , Athens

Below we have categorized the most popular tours.

Volos - Meteora - Ahens Tour

Volos – Meteora – Athens Tour

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Volos - Acropolis - Athens Tour

Volos – Acropolis – Athens Tour

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Volos - Delphi- Athens Tour

Volos – Delphi – Athens Tour

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Volos - swimming - Athens Tour

Volos – swimming – Athens Tour

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