If you need a taxi from Athens to Volos or a taxi from Volos to Athens then you are in the right place. We specialize in taxi transfers like that. Taxi in Volos offers a wide range of services. So if you need a taxi from Athens to Volos or vice versa you can add to this transfer almost anything you might think of. Tailor-made transfers are what we do. So feel free to ask for extra stopovers, detours, waiting time, or some sightseeing. You can also combine this transfer with another one from Volos to Pelion. So if you want to get by taxi from Athens to Pelion we are also what you are looking for.
A lot of people want to go to Athens for one day and then return to Volos, usually for a visit to the doctor, a wedding, a funeral etc. This is what we do and what we also have experience in very well. So if you want a taxi from Volos to Athens and back to Volos on the same day, you are in the correct place.

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